7 Great Skype Call Recorder to Record Skype Conference Calls


Skype is no doubt the most famous program in the world which provides free video calling, instant messages and audio calls through an internet connection. The tool allows users to video call with friends / families. However people say it’s not complete without a recording feature, that results in a bulk of Skype recorders coming up on the market.

Whether it’s a business call or personal call, you are going to wish or even already wished to record your Skype calls with Talk helper so that you can keep them as reference for future use. But the question is, how are you going to record them? How do you know you have made the right choice of your needs? Well, …

8 Top Downloadable Screen Recorder Software For Windows 10 2019

The best screen recorder for Windows will without a doubt help you when you need to create videos showcasing your creativity during activities like gameplay or when sharing important information in video format. The important information is obtained when you record screen videos for tutorials containing tutorials aimed at academic purposes like programming or when you need to make product reviews with the aim of marketing them in the best way possible.

Sharing of ideas and concept in the ever-growing online community has become a part of our lives and since most of the content is found on our computers, the best of best software is needed at all times. Making the choice of the best screencasting software for your …

Top 10 PDF To Excel Converting Software For Business and Professionals

The work of spreadsheets in Excel has played an important role in strive of creation of the very best PDF to Excel converters in the market that we currently talk about. However the crowding of the market with inefficient and unreliable PDF managing tools is such a scare that many users no longer know which converter to trust.


iSkysoft PDF Converter

iSkysoft PDF Editor

The iSkysoft PDF Converter is one of the very best converting program that you will ever come across weighing its advantages with those of other top dogs in the list of best PDF to Excel Converters.


The software is just not like any other as its features are exceptional. Take for example its cloud storage feature is …

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Welcome to DJB Radio Apps
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9 Best PDF To Word Converter ( With OCR) Offline Software Reviewed

The rampant use of PDF files and Word documents has to lead to the need of having converting tools to convert PDF files into Word documents and vice-versa. Having tried many turning tools, it may become difficult to choose the ideal one. But that should not be the case if you had the roughest idea of what you want.

The market is, however, on the other hand, crowded with a lot of unreliable software converters. To save you from the hassle of searching for a quality converting tool and the risk of being exploited by misguided features and sellers, here is a review of the best pdf to word converting tools that have dominated the game.




Amolto is a modern tool which is perfect for recording your Skype calls. Users should expect to get the best recording quality out of this because that is what its good at. You can now get the tool and start recording your important calls with this app, because it is free to download. It is also mostly known for working extremely well on windows, and if you are windows user; this will definitely come handy and convenient in all ways. “No basic Skype recorder comes close Amolto for simplicity and reliability”, say satisfied users of Amolto call recorder for Skype. In other words, it comes highly recommended, although it does not allow its users to record video calls with its …


AthTek Skype recorder is one of the most fantastic apps we have for windows. The program offers you superb video and audio Skype call recording experience. You will find that this software allows you to control your recordings, for example you can decide to record your calls manually since it comes with automatic settings, but you will have to unmark the automatic recording box for it to work out. For the first time Skype recorder user, there is no question; AthTek will provide a fantastic and fun experience. The tool includes invisible mode for parental control and it will still record your Skype conversations in high quality. It has got a well designed interface which is easy to interpret. It …


Callnote video call recorder is a legendry name in Skype recorders, but primarily because it’s capable of uploading files on different platforms which is not common when we try to compare with other recorders. This program is among the most powerful tools available, and it will record video and audio Skype calls perfectly. We are happy with the way it allows you to take Skype call Snapshots during your Skype call recording, so every time you make call and you feel like taking snapshots, feel free to take as many as you want because there is no limit when it comes to that. If you simply want your Skype recorder to do its job without the ability to click the …


G Recorder is one of the most powerful audio Skype recorders on windows, with that said, it is an incredible app. The program looks outstanding, and is seriously potential. What is great about G recorder is that it offers a variety of ways to enjoy your recording session for example; when you record audio Skype conversations with this app, not only will it store it on your computer, but also in your email. This soft ware will also successfully save your Skype calls in MP3 format and can as well let you to playback the recorded files when you connect to the internet which is one of the best experiences you could ever find in Skype recorder application. It will …