Vodburner is simple software used to record Skype calls on nearly all windows versions for example: windows 7, windows 8, windows Vista, windows 2000 and windows XP. The tool records Skype conversations, video and audio. I know it might sound unreal, but this app enables you to edit your video Skype calls – you are free to top up anything for example short notes or cool wordings and the output will be superb. It features a beautiful design interface and at the same time very easy.

There is absolutely a lot more to like about this Vodburner Skype recorder tool including capture functions, which allows you to take screen captures while recording your Skype calls, we are actually much more impressed by seeing what this app does – and of course does a fantastic job.  And oh, we should mention that we love the way you have choice to choose who to show while recording your Skype calls for example, you can record with side by side, this side other side and also you can edit them your Skype video calls in split-screen. However, as an extremely important point, be mindful when you are about to make a Skype video call, ensure that the person you are about to call has activated video calling and also have the software on their computer.

Features of Vodburner

  • If you are searching for a simple, efficient and automatic Skype recorder with plenty of power to do the job, however, Vodburner is our choice. It will record effortlessly and will save your Skype calls in your computer so that it’s easy for you to access them when you want to use them in the future.
  • People don’t have to be experts to start recording their Skype calls with this software, user-friendly would be an understatement, it is very easy, as simple as placing a Skype call – which makes users feel confident while using it
  • The fact is that people love this app because of the way it creates complete Skype video productions and capture every Skype video frame at maximum resolution.
  • Let’s take a closer look at some of the simple details this tool offers for example: while you record with Vodburner, it will be able to display, the time duration for you, you will view notes, however, if you don’t want them to be displayed during your recording session, you have an option to hide them.
  • In addition, all you have to be concerned with while using this app, is the Stop button since the tool begins to record automatically – you click the Stop button whenever you are done with recording your calls, oh, also the pause button, in case you need it, it’s just one click away and it operates.


  • The software is free to download for whoever wants to try it out
  • It allows you to save your video calls in MP4/ WMV format
  • It can record both Skype calls e.g. video and audio


The full version of Vodburner requires money




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