AthTek Skype recorder is one of the most fantastic apps we have for windows. The program offers you superb video and audio Skype call recording experience. You will find that this software allows you to control your recordings, for example you can decide to record your calls manually since it comes with automatic settings, but you will have to unmark the automatic recording box for it to work out. For the first time Skype recorder user, there is no question; AthTek will provide a fantastic and fun experience. The tool includes invisible mode for parental control and it will still record your Skype conversations in high quality. It has got a well designed interface which is easy to interpret. It still remains a standout for users looking at recorders that support both Skype calls. For professionals, this Skype recorder might be a unique way to record your business calls, so you should give it a try.

The included edit feature allows you to add memos and tags on your recordings. Additionally, the included formats allow you to save your Skype calls separately for example when you record video calls you save the files in AVI format, and for the case of audio, you save them in ogg, mp3, wma or flac formats.


  • While most Skype recorders offer a limited number of features, AthTek’s offering here is to automatically upload your Skype recorded files to FTP, if at all you have an account, which is good for you if you want to access your files at any time.
  • With features like recording both Skype calls automatically, there’s plenty of bells and whistles minus breaking the bank. Additionally, there’s a pause “function” that helps you to pause your recording, so you can focus on whatever you have discussed with your friends.
  • The software also guarantees privacy protection, which is quite important to all end-users – once you know your privacy is protected; it gives you peace of mind and you will even start recommending the app to your friend.

How to use AthTek

  1. Search for AthTek software, and when you find it, simply do this below
  2. Download/install the app on your laptop
  3. Once it finishes to install, click on the app to run it
  4. It will display a message which says, click Allow access
  5. Do not disregard the message, just click on it.
  6. After taking that step, it means the app is ready to do the needful when you make a call.
  7. Try to call someone in your contacts now, and the app will automatically record the Skype call.
  8. While it records your Skype call, you have the choice to pause your recording if you want, by just a single click on the pause button
  9. Tap stop and it will terminate the ongoing recording.


  • This Skype recorder can work on all windows versions available
  • It is reliable because it supports both video and audio Skype call
  • It has got advanced functions such as uploading files automatically to FTP account

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