Callnote video call recorder is a legendry name in Skype recorders, but primarily because it’s capable of uploading files on different platforms which is not common when we try to compare with other recorders. This program is among the most powerful tools available, and it will record video and audio Skype calls perfectly. We are happy with the way it allows you to take Skype call Snapshots during your Skype call recording, so every time you make call and you feel like taking snapshots, feel free to take as many as you want because there is no limit when it comes to that. If you simply want your Skype recorder to do its job without the ability to click the start recording button always, you need to enable or tick the automatic settings box, so that whenever you receive or make a Skype call, it records automatically.

Meanwhile, we still rank Callnote one of the top apps, because it’s extremely reliable and does a good job recording video Skype conversations in high definition. It has a very useful “Edit call notes” settings not often seen in other recorders, it includes Record Go to Meetings calls and calls as an attendee.

Features of Callnote

Some of the firm features of Callnote include:

  • Everyone needs a lightweight application but solid enough to do the job just fine – and this Skype recorder will do more than just fine. It is efficient and certainly not stressful when it comes to installing it on your computer, it will install smoothly and as soon as its installation gets done, that means the user can make a Skype call and they will be recorded automatically.
  • This Skype recorder tool has a very impressive interface, anyone can afford to use it
  • It allows its users to share their files on face book, Google Drive, One note as well as YouTube etc – which enable different people to watch your Skype recordings – and you probably know that when you do share, some people would ask what app you used to record the good files, so it also gets high marks for that.
  • Not only will this tool record your video and audio Skype calls, but it also records hangouts, facebook as well as Viber
  • It is compatible with windows and a great tool for putting together your Skype recorded files, there is nothing like disorganization with this app, it will make sure to classify your Skype calls, chats and video calls etc.


  • The tool is ideal for business calls because it supports both calls and records Skype video calls in HD
  • It is accessible to all users because it offers various languages, so you choose what you understand and everything will be set for you.


  • One drawback is the limited call recording with the free version; you will not be able to record for a lifetime with it.
  • Secondly, the free version does not permit you to edit video Skype conversations.


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