Evaer is designed to record Skype conversations. What’s really cool about this app is that it allows you to record both video and audio Skype calls, you can record your Skype video interviews now and I assure you that the recordings will be in high quality which will make you even happier when you playback the files later. If you hate boring Skype recorders, we recommend this one since it has all the catchy recording functions such as sharing music option and automatic chat reply, which does the job of replying back to your contacts when you are not available.

There are also options to choose from when you are recording your call, like Remote sound only, both Sides sound and local sound only, this is a great application but its more attractive when it allows you to record calls the way you want to. We call it advanced, because it comes with an option to record video calls separately from audio calls – for example videos can be saved in AVI/MP4 file format, then audios in MP3 file format. Furthermore, the tool will ensure that your voice mails and video messages are recorded and stored in your computer. Also, it has two versions, the free version and the premium version, good news is the premium version is affordable in comparison to other recorders available, so don’t be afraid to upgrade as you will only have to pay $19.95.


  • With this app, users can record their Skype calls in separate files, Local webcam only, Picture in Picture, Audio Only, remote webcam only etc
  • The app is built to do one thing, and it does it really well, it was designed to record both Skype calls
  • There’s more to do than just recording Skype calls with this app, you can lively change the video during your Skype video recording session.
  • Most of all, what a makes a good recorder is the ability to produce high quality results, and that is exactly what it serves you with when you record Skype conversations.
  • Stay in control of your recording with this app as it allows you to show the Skype video call that you are recording at that particular time.
  • Even without your help, this software will be in position to record your Skype conversations automatically, which we think is very suitable for all Skype calls, whether business or professional calls.
  • It gives great pleasure to know that this tool allows users to screen share while recording Skype calls as well as group video calls until ten way.
  • You have windows and have been trying to figure what the tool you would use to record your Skype calls? Evaer is great choice. It is compatible with windows and runs perfectly.


  • This app saves audio Skype conversations in MP3 file format
  • Video calls are saved in MP4 or AVI file format
  • It records while capturing the original data of the call.


  • Unfortunately, this software does not offer unlimited Skype call recording with its freeware version, one of its major drawbacks.


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