G Recorder is one of the most powerful audio Skype recorders on windows, with that said, it is an incredible app. The program looks outstanding, and is seriously potential. What is great about G recorder is that it offers a variety of ways to enjoy your recording session for example; when you record audio Skype conversations with this app, not only will it store it on your computer, but also in your email. This soft ware will also successfully save your Skype calls in MP3 format and can as well let you to playback the recorded files when you connect to the internet which is one of the best experiences you could ever find in Skype recorder application. It will literally forward all your Skype conversations automatically to your email. It is compatible with windows 7, windows XP, windows Vista with 32 or 64bit-Rate.Furthermore, the app allows users to record for only 14 days with the free trial version.

Features of G-Recorder

  • G Recorder is very convenient, it is one kind of soft ware that will track all your important Skype conversations and use them for future reference.
  • With this soft ware, it is very simple to access your recordings wherever you may be as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • It comes with a simple interface which can be operated by anyone, whether you a computer genius or not, you will pass through.
  • When you record calls with this app, you are free to either send them automatically to your email, or your computer, or actually do both.
  • It is also secure to use it, if you are a private person and afraid of people to access your files on the computer, it is better to delete the recordings from the computer and just keep them in your email, so that when you want to use them, you just sign in into your email account and use them.
  • G Recorder Skype allows you to record all kinds of Skype conversations for example; Incoming, outgoing plus gathering calls. etc
  • Another interesting feature about this soft ware is the capability to access your Skype recorded files on your telephone if you have internet.
  • For those who have been waiting for this feature, well, it’s here, it also allows users to edit their Skype recordings by putting names, sub tittles or little descriptions, which could actually help them in the process of searching for specific files in the future.

Disadvantages of G-Recorder

  • Its free trial version offers only fourteen days.


G Recorder soft ware is a recommendable app for all users; it is mostly suitable for all those people who would love to track their Skype conversations. It is great at tracking chats and you can always search for them on the internet whenever you feel like, be it on your mobile or computer. Try it and experience the difference it has got!

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