iFree is simple and free recorder that offers you unlimited Skype call recording on windows. As it is free, you can record boundless Skype calls for all the time you want, this means you have a chance to record everything you have ever wished to record before. By default, it records Skype calls automatically, and if you are not really into recording everything automatically, you can change its default settings to manual settings which will enable you to begin recording manually as opposed to recording automatically – and by that, you will simply single click the record button to see the app begin to record your Skype calls, after you finish recording, you again click Stop button and the recordings will be saved directly to your computer. The tool has got a very precise interface in that no person would ever fail to operate it. Does this mean even non experts can use this software? Yes, they can operate it too excellently, so no pressure. In addition, you also receive help from this app as it replies back to your Skype chats when you are away from your computer, and i bet we all love a Skype recorder that is capable of doing that in our absence.

How to use iFree

  1. Search for the app
  2. When you find it, (from the official website of iFree)
  3. Click on the app and download/install it on your computer
  4. After the installation, you receive a notifications which begs you to click Allow access
  5. Click Allow access button, which means you have authorized the software to work from Skype
  6. Make a Skype call immediately if you are ready
  7. Now, the app will start recording automatically
  8. If you want to pause it by any chance, you click on the Pause button, otherwise to end it, you still click Stop button and it will end.
  9. To playback your Skype recordings, go to your computer and you should be able to see them
  10. Click on the folder, and they will start playing.


  • It is 100% free from viruses, adware and spyware
  • You need not limit yourself when it comes to recording Skype conversations with this software because it offers unlimited Skype call recording, so install it and blast away.
  • Not only does it offer unlimited calls, but also ensures high quality sound when you record calls.
  • What you must know is that this software is fully free, all the Skype calls you will make from this software will be recorded for free – if you know what it means recording your Skype conversations for free, then you must be excited, like seriously, who wouldn’t want that? Recording minus being charged anything, we think it’s the best deal you can ever get ever.
  • The tool is a walk over when it comes to its interface, no complications whatsoever, all will be well once you download


  • It is a free program that allows users to record their calls in high quality.



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