MP3 is one of the most commonly used by people. The program is functional and can record your audio Skype calls. It is extremely reliable and designed to withstand the test of time. Users speak highly of how well designed the MP3 Skype recorder is. Aside from its simple design, users noted that it can produce high quality results, but the best part is that they never experienced any loss of data. The tool is also very easy to use, even for the first timers, it does not require much from the user since it will begin to record Skype conversations automatically. With this software, you will also record Skype calls for free, which is a great offer to all users. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to have this app installed on their computer to record their Skype calls? I think we all do, because no one is going to charge you for it, in fact, it’s also free to download, making it easy to use. There is also safety of recorded files with this app, everything you record with it will be saved in computer and you can playback the files at anytime. MP3 is compatible with windows 7, XP, Vista and will also record your P2P calls perfectly.

How to use MP3

  1. Search for MP3 app to download
  2. Click on the app to download/install on your computer
  3. Wait for the installation to finish
  4. Once it finishes, click on the app
  5. You will get a notifications message
  6. It reads Click Allow access
  7. Simply click on it, and the app would be given permission to work with Skype
  8. Place a call in MP3
  9. Then just enjoy the way it will record automatically
  10. When you finish recording, end your call by clicking Stop button
  11. To playback the previous files, go to your computer where the folder is
  12. Click on it, and it will play, just like that!


  • On top of everything this app offers you, it is also completely free, just like iFree software; it will enable you to record your Skype audio calls for free and they will be produced in high quality sound.
  • It records all Skype conversations automatically whether Incoming or Outgoing calls, and it will make sure both sides are audible enough
  • This app supports Skype conference calls; you expect to have conference calls in the future and you would wish to record them? Download this app and it will perform at its best for you
  • There is effortless Skype call recording with this app since it records call automatically
  • The Skype recorder is excellent at displaying details of the call made such as, time, names, date which makes your files organized and easy to search for.


  • The app gives you an option to save your recorded files in different formats for example ogg, wma, wav or mp3 format


  • It has no alert sounds which show you that the call is recording

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