Pamela is a fun way to record your Skype conversations on windows because you do not need to be involved after you have installed the app on your computer besides making a call. Pamela lets you record video and audio Skype calls with so much efficiency. It offers automatic settings that work just by making a Skype call and it will begin to record. It has 4 versions: Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business, where you have a choice to pick what suits your needs best. It has got a freeware which is Pamela Basic, this allows you to record for a limited period of 15 minutes and it also records both Skype calls automatically, if you think you need more than that and also want to explore better features, then Professional and Business are worth a shot, these are more feature packed and they will record your Skype calls for a lifetime, they are also important when it comes to business calls because you would never get any disappointments. You know how important business calls can be, so think about what you are about to get, all that side, it is also important to try out the free version first before you cash in your money for to get the paid versions.

Features of Pamela

  • There is more to it than just recording Skype calls for example, it also supports Skype chat recordings, so while you use it, remember it can also help you record those important chats of yours and store them on your computer for future usage.
  • By all means, this software will record your Skype calls with good high quality, actually one of the features users like most, and in doing this; it also gains more recommendations from different people all over the world simply because they totally love its effort.
  • Do you enjoy recording your Skype calls while there’s some cool sound playing in the background? Wish no more, it’s like Pamela for Skype literally supports everything, all the fun functions you will find in this program.

How to use Pamela

  • Download/install Pamela app, we advise you to get it from the official website of Pamela
  • When it completes with the installation, you are likely to get a notification
  • And it will read Click Allow access
  • Do not hesitate, simply click on that button
  • So, make a Skype call
  • The app will immediately begin to record automatically
  • Asking yourself how?
  • Well, this app detects that you have now begun a call, and so it records effortlessly
  • When you are comfortable with what you have recorded, tap Stop
  • Files will be saved in a specified folder in your computer.

Now you have seen how the way you can record your Skype calls with Pamela, simple, right?


  • If you want to get a functional app that can record both Skype calls, we suggest the safest route is to download Pamela, you will not regret.
  • It comes with a Birthday reminder



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