TalkHelper is a good choice for recording Skye conversations. You’re not going to get any regrets while using this app to record your calls. This is so far one of the best Skype recorders we have on the market that are capable of recording both video and audio Skype calls. The program allows you to capture frames of your Skype video calls, and that already makes it stand out. It is easy and takes less than a minute to download on your computer, plus its interface is user friendly.

The intriguing feature is the no functional limit of call recording with the freeware version, which allows you to record both Skype calls for free and unlimited when it comes to its functions, it’s not a common feature you can just find in other recorders, so you had better grab this software and enjoy the privileges. Most of the people out there are looking for a quality recorder, and if you are one of them and you reading this right now, stop looking – this is it, the tool records with high quality, be it Skype video call or audio call and you benefit a lot from that because they can be shared with friends and worth any reference.

What swayed us was the fact that we don’t go through a hard time in order to operate this app, and its features are far from intuitive. You simply just make a call and it will automatically begin to record your Skype conversations and save them in your computer for a playback sometime later.

Features of TalkHelper

  1. Other than offering both video and audio Skype calls, what makes TalkHelper much different from other tools is that it records from inside Skype, and that is why it will capture every video frame of your Skype call recording.
  2. This tool does work efficiently, while you record your Skype conversations with it, it will makes sure to store audio calls alone from video calls for example audios in MP3 format, and video calls in AVI or WMV format. Users say that it’s a great thing because it lets them play their files from any player and they would still play perfectly.
  3. The software comes with buttons that control your Skype call recording such as the pause and Stop button – these of course help you to take full charge of your recording, you can pause and resume whenever you want to, it can never get any better with these convenient buttons
  4. It is capable of recording voice mails as well Skype voice chats and also users can record their Skype calls manually if they ever get tired of recording calls automatically, all options you would want in a good Skype recorder.


  • This software records Skype conversations for free
  • It supports Skype video and audio call.
  • It records in high quality sound, all the Skype calls will be super clear
  • It has an intuitive design and its user friendly.


  • The free version does not allow you to record for a lifetime


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