9 Best PDF To Word Converter ( With OCR) Offline Software Reviewed

The rampant use of PDF files and Word documents has to lead to the need of having converting tools to convert PDF files into Word documents and vice-versa. Having tried many turning tools, it may become difficult to choose the ideal one. But that should not be the case if you had the roughest idea of what you want.

The market is, however, on the other hand, crowded with a lot of unreliable software converters. To save you from the hassle of searching for a quality converting tool and the risk of being exploited by misguided features and sellers, here is a review of the best pdf to word converting tools that have dominated the game.




The Icecream PDF Converter can be termed as the number one PDF to word converting software; this is because of the premium services it brings forth. Features the multi-language option that makes it internationally recognized supporting a wide range of languages globally recognized.

Other features that make this top software highly ranked is that it is suitable for bulk conversions. It actually does not have a limit of the number of files to be added. The software has been designed to add files by dragging your PDF files into the work area and dropping them fastening the process of file adding.


Having a device operating on Windows and having a great processor are the only major requirements for this excellent converting tool to smoothly run on your machine.



The Nuance PDF Converter comes with voice recognition that makes the work of typing three times faster. This by a high margin saves on time. It is a very ideal tool for both enterprise and individual use when working on your PDF files to convert them into Word documents that can be edited. Other than conversion, Nuance PDF Converter has a lot to boast about its rich interface.

The Cloud Storage helps its users to save on storage space by saving their doc files in different cloud storage platforms. Having a Microsoft’s Ribbon Interface similarity reduces time spent in adaptation, and the process of conversion even made simpler.


Any converting tool that saves its users from the stress of retyping or having to recreate their files to have it in their desired form is one to be celebrated. The Nuance PDF Converter is the whole definition of a reliable and efficient converting program.





For any user to feel safe while working on confidential or highly profiled information they have to have a supporting converting tool. This is where the connection between PDF files to Word doc conversion and the Foxit Phantom PDF Converter comes. The software has prioritized security to ensure that every document is safe and remains personal.

With the OCR feature crafted, it allows its users to convert image-based texts into editable word documents once they are scanned. An additional element to ensure sensitive information doesn’t leak the redactive option that deletes versions permanently.


The fact that we all need our documents makes the Foxit Phantom PDF Converter the ideal tool for all business and individual use. Especially when dealing with classified material. Includes encrypting and password protection.




talkhelper pdf converter

The latest version of the TalkHelper, the 1.2.0 version that was released on the 28th of September has so far been the best converting tool to work with so far. It has a lively user interface that makes the conversion process something always to look forward to doing. It yields converted documents that are of high quality retaining all its content making it almost similar to the original copy.

It comes in two different versions, the Windows App and the Online version that can be accessed anywhere at any given time at a go. The offline version is usually ideal for bulk conversion and does not limit any amount of files to be converted. Apart from those features, the TalkHelper is a free download program and of a low cost compared to other competing software in the market.



The TalkHelper is what every user that wants quality would ever wish for. Adding it as your primary converting tool is one thing that you can rely on upon without switching to other software to perform other functions. Its features are just something to look forward to purchasing.





WPS is a PDF to Word converting software that has been designed to work smoothly both online and offline sending all your online completed task to the linked email account. It uses the OxygenOffice and NeoOxygen applications to open and edit Word documents in the software. The Damage option is an additional feature that helps in formatting files. The conversion process involves three simple steps that yield the best output in the game.


It may not be able to perform all those formatting as of other converters, but it is an excellent tool when it comes to converting and editing files.





Quality production and technology is designed in a single program is not anything to come across in an only converting tool. It also applies the technique of Optical Character Recognition that detects texts in image-based documents.

The conversion process is done after scanning pictures and complete your conversion work at an accuracy of ninety-five percent. It should also be noted that all conversions are done online. The process of sending can be done either through your email account or download via a link.


The one reason that can make you think about the Free Online OCR PDF Converter is that it features the Optical Character Recognition that plays a significant role in converting scanned documents.




UNIPDF can be distinguished from other converters by its unique features. The experience leaves alone the rich backlog that ensures that the user has a lot of options to try and work with.it has a smooth interface that makes the work of navigation even more straightforward.

Another feature about the User Interface that cannot go unrecognized is the drag and drop feature used in adding files in the work area. The process is simple, and all you have to do is hit the Convert option, and that is final. A high quality converted word document is produced.

If there is a converter that nothing has been given beyond its functionality that is something you can take home that UNIPDF Converter is an unparalleled converting software.


Despite having good features, it all narrows down to efficiency and how effective this program is. Everyone definitely wants something that they can work with and for a long time for that matter.




Soda PDF Converter_4

The Solid PDF Converter has a straightforward approach especially towards the regards on the simplicity of its User Interface. It is more efficient and has not been clogged making the conversion process even more straightforward because the user knows what option to click when he or she wants to perform what task she or he wants to be done.

Under the category of the sleek interface, the Solid PDF Converter has a good score compared to almost the other software. However, there is some a bit of alteration that comes with converting PDF files into Word documents. That should yet not tear down as the program has a lot of features to enjoy. Something that is obvious they will rectify as they upgrade their software versions.


The converter may not as be everyone’s favorite, but it has all the qualifications to be in competition with big names in the field of PDF to editable Word Converting tools.





The Adobe PDF Converter is a favorite converting tool and almost everyone’s favorite, and there is no way it could be you unrecognized. It is the pioneer converting program and has brought a lot of new features and modified even the ones they had during development. Including the Cloud connectivity for backing up documents and files that can be accessed at any place as they are of great exception and efficient especially in times of necessity.

Its level of security is on another hand is on a class of its own as even government officials and institutions trust it on handling their classified content. The Adobe Acrobat has a long lifecycle and has you to enjoy its one of a kind features for eternity. It is designed to perform full-scale service to you without any hassle.


The Adobe is what we call a ‘sophisticated’ converting tool and knows what every single client wants in a converter, and all that can be found in Adobe PDF Converter.



FM PDF Converter

FM PDF converter_4

This converting program comes in two versions, the paid and the free version. Looking at the individual perspective, it is apparently almost the same in its functionality. That can be difficult to choose on whether to go for the paid or free version, but it is a handy tool.

For multi-level accessibility, it comes with the Web service version and the desktop application software. The User Interface may not be a feature to brag about, but it is a cost useful converting software that can be relied upon in times of financial instability.


The fact it has a dual-band approach and its very dynamic in its own way. It is useful in the sense that even if you are not creating or converting your PDF files to word doc, you can also use it to read your PDF files.

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