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Welcome to DJB Radio Apps

  • If your station does ShoutCast, IceCast, AAC+ or Live365 Streaming and you would like a custom iPhone app created for your listeners, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Get your very own customized app listed in the iTunes App Store.

  • It takes 10 to 15 days for the App Store to approve your app and then the entire planet can download your app for free.

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Here are several of our listed apps in the iTunes App Store

Here is what you get

iPhones and iPad Screenshots

Here is what we need from you

  • A graphic file for your app. It needs to be at lease 512×512 pixels in size and high quality.  If we can not make a viewable App Icon 57×57 Pixels out of your graphic file, we will create an App Icon for you that is viewable on the Phone Screen.  We will only create a new App Icon if your graphic is too busy or has wording too small to be viewed as a 57×57 Pixel Icon.

  • The Streaming URLs in ShoutCast, IceCast, AAC+ or Live365 – You must be streaming at 64k or less or your app will not be approve your app as they wont allow more than 64kbps over the 3g network.

  • Choose a name for your App.

  • Choose one of these categories for your app: Music, Entertainment, News, Education, Business, Finance or Lifestyle.

  • URL to your website for the info screen.

  • Email address for song requests* to go to.

  • *Instead of “Song Request” as the Email Subject, you may want us to change the wording to News Tip, Prayer Request, etc… Please tell us what you would like the email subject to be in your app.

  • If you have Facebook for your station, give us that link.

  • If you have Twitter for your station, give us that link.

  • If you have MySpace for your station, give us that link.

  • If you have YouTube for your station, give us that link.

  • List of Keywords (comma delimited) to make searching for your app easier.  100 Character max.  We will just chop off everything over 100 Character.

  • Up to a 4000 Character Description of your station to appear in your app store listing.

  • Send an email with the above 13 items to Support@DJBApps.com and your app will be listed within 10 to 15 days of your order.

Once ordered, we will send you an email request for all of the above listed app information and your stations graphics.
Then just wait about 10 to 15 days for the app to be approved by the App Store.

Apple now requires all Radio Stations to have their own iOS Developers Account.  Get your iPhone iOS Developers account Here for $99.00.
Be sure to sign up for an individual iOS account.  After you have signed up, send us your login credentials and we will start on your app.

Order your iPhone App here for $499.99


PayPal is our Payment Processor.

Alternatively, you can fax us your company check for electronic deposit.  No need to mail the check.  Our Toll Free Fax Number is 888-830-8436.