Top 10 PDF To Excel Converting Software For Business and Professionals

The work of spreadsheets in Excel has played an important role in strive of creation of the very best PDF to Excel converters in the market that we currently talk about. However the crowding of the market with inefficient and unreliable PDF managing tools is such a scare that many users no longer know which converter to trust.


iSkysoft PDF Converter

iSkysoft PDF Editor

The iSkysoft PDF Converter is one of the very best converting program that you will ever come across weighing its advantages with those of other top dogs in the list of best PDF to Excel Converters.


The software is just not like any other as its features are exceptional. Take for example its cloud storage feature is not only used for storage purposes only but also used for activities such as adding annotations and mark ups.

The batching feature that it comes with allows the user to work on different PDF files and convert them to a single Excel file and in the desired format.

The iSkysoft PDF Converter comes with a very advanced Optical Character Recognition that plays a very essential role of detecting texts out of scanned image based documents. This makes the work of recreating and editing even easier and less time consuming.


The price of the converter might be a bit expensive in regards to the services it provides.


Wondershare PDF Converter


The necessity of having a simple User Interface with a rich backlog and very navigable tabs, then I see no reason why the Wondershare PDF Converter does not deserve being termed as the best PDF to Excel converter.


It is also the very best of flexible options in its features considering that it even gives the choice to either convert your PDF file into a single Excel file or in multiples.

The Wondershare is an exceptional and a top notch software with just a look at its quality output yielded with every successful PDF to XSL conversion. Technology has been its major boost with the latest in the field of conversion having been applied.

It features the batching feature that is useful when working on certain pages of a PDF file saving time used in converting the entire PDF file. The software also is a complete converter because of its Optical Character Recognition.


Might be a bit complex for a user not familiar with hi tech servers.


Soda PDF Converter

Soda PDF Converter_

The Soda PDF Converter is a revolutionary converter that comes in two different kind of versions but which are perfect in the work of converting PDF files to XLSX. There is the desktop application where the conversion does not involve a third party as everything is done offline. On the other hand, is the online web server that allows you to use the services of this very good converter at any place?


By setting your 256 bit AES encrypted passwords the user can protect their documents from getting accessed by wrong hands or the leaking of classified material.

This PDF managing tool is a powerful converting application that yields quality output with every single converting task.  It also has the Optical Character Recognition that helps in detecting texts from scanned documents.


There is no reliable customer support aid.


UniPDF PDF Converter


The UniPDF PDF Converter is a very efficient and straightforward converting program that brings a whole new experience every time it comes to converting PDF files to XSL format.


There is also the aspect of it clearly capturing images in documents and yield them with the same sharpness. Its biggest boost is that it is not choppy and the quality of the Microsoft Excel output is of great standards considering nothing is altered not tables or even columns.

Something that comes out as outstanding from this software is that it perfectly works on all Windows Operating System without any hiccups making conversions smooth as compared to other converters.

This one of the very best PDF to Excel converting tool also supports major international languages to make sure it is globally accepted.


The interface may seem a bit crowded.


TalkHelper PDF Converter

talkhelper pdf converter

Ever imagined of having a hi tech PDF to XLSX converting tool but yet at the same time still very simple to use with a very short time for adaptation. Those are all just among the few features and the expected properties of the TalkHelper PDF Converter.


Its User Interface is intuitive and lovely with these blue and white background that makes every conversion performed memorable. The software comes in two versions which both work as per expectations of the user.

Considering it also offers premium services at pocket friendly prices. The services it offers come a bit expensive from other program. That just gives another reason for this top notch paid software just a bit better in the list of the best PDF to Excel Converter.

Features a customer support feature that helps big time as far assistance of unforeseen errors is concerned.


A bit slower when converting heavy files.


PDF Hero


The software that brings its magical performance without a fuss can be no other than the PDF Hero. It is nothing less compared to those top dogs converter in the competitive market of the very best PDF to Excel converters.


Its features are unique and the work that it yields is exceptionally great. The PDF Hero, a product of the Nodhead Developers, is a virus free program as it comes with its antivirus feature to ensure that the software does not fail.

This is a clear indicator that the converter is an efficient and a long term software that will service you for a long time without the need to make those regular updates.


Its user interface has not been fully equipped with essential editing tools.

NitroPDF Converter


Having a converter that runs smoothly in your Windows device is something that you do not come across so easily. However, that should not be the case anymore as with the NitroPDF Converter there is another converter that can rival its processing power operating on a Windows device.


That one feature that also stands out in this world class converting tool is that it supports cloud storage. It allows users to carry out their PDF to XSL from anywhere with support across platforms such as Google Drive, Drop Box and One Drop just to mention but a few that can be used to save on space that would have been used from your drive.

Its flexible toolbar makes the task of adding PDF files for Excel conversion very easy and quite a fast process. The Nitro PDF Converter can be simply termed as the master of all.


A bit slower when working with scanned based images. On the other hand the customer support is not as prompt.

Able2Extract PDF Converter


The joy of handling spreadsheets while using your personally created by you cannot be any better with this one of a kind converting software, the Able2Extract PDF Converter.


It stands out to be listed in the best PDF to Excel Converter as it is not complex and yet still serves the intended purpose of converting PDF files with a lot of simplicity. Conversion is fast and follows very three easy to follow procedural steps reducing the time spent in converting your PDF files to your desired Microsoft Excel file format.

Supports file extraction, merging and editing files saving you time and the risk of re-entering data incorrectly while creating a new document that requires the same data found in the PDF file.


The graphics of the software are a bit lower in comparison to its capability.

Cogniview PDF Converter


There is a thin line between the good and the best PDF to Excel Converter in the market. Looking at the advantages it will explain why.


Take the Cogniview PDF Converter which is a perfect example of a very efficient and top notch converting tool that has the premium features at affordable purchasing prices. The process of conversion can be described as superfast and takes the shortest time to record heavy PDF files to your desired Microsoft Excel file formats.

The software has a support system that communicates with the user in case of difficulties which is prompt and also courteous. Then there is the aspect of the Cogniview PDF Converter yielding quality Excel files after every PDF conversion, something that could not go unrecognised.


Does not support many file formats.


PDF2XL PDF Converter

This software is as a result of a partnership with the Adobe Developers who are well recognised for the designing of the unrivalled Adobe PDF Converter. The PDF2XL PDF Converter has not been as popular as it ought to be because many users have not full encountered what this top PDF to Excel Converter can do.


With its regular updates it shows how these developers are never satisfied with being average this one of the things that make this converting tool one of the best PDF to Excel converters. The conversion process is fast and accurate only taking about five minutes for the conversion of a single PDF file to Excel, and that includes installation.

Then there is the feature of this program that gives you a summary of all the Excel files converted in a single page that really fascinates any user. What could really beat the PDF2XL PDF Converter!


The user has to regularly update their software to enjoy premium services.