8 Top Downloadable Screen Recorder Software For Windows 10 2019

The best screen recorder for Windows will without a doubt help you when you need to create videos showcasing your creativity during activities like gameplay or when sharing important information in video format. The important information is obtained when you record screen videos for tutorials containing tutorials aimed at academic purposes like programming or when you need to make product reviews with the aim of marketing them in the best way possible.

Sharing of ideas and concept in the ever-growing online community has become a part of our lives and since most of the content is found on our computers, the best of best software is needed at all times. Making the choice of the best screencasting software for your Windows 7/8/10 PC can be a cumbersome process if you do not really have what you want in mind and exactly what you need from the potential software.

With this article, the process has been made very easy as you will be taken through a wide list of the best screen capture software out there. At the end of the article, you will be armed with the best screen recording software that will lace your shoes perfectly when you have to capture screen video.


TalkHelper Screen Recorder for Windows


TalkHelper Screen Recorder has over the years proven to be the best screen recording software with full support for the Windows platform. It is a top tool that features a very easy to use and instinctive interface with a plethora of features all aimed at offering the best screencasting experience. It is very dynamic in the way it handles your recording tasks.

How does dynamism come in? This screen recorder achieves this by letting you record any content as you wish – full screen, a specified region, around the mouse and also keep tag of the last recorded area. Audio can be captured from both the Windows system and the microphone on top of lots of customization and editing features at your disposal.




When you decide to get started with this good screen recording software for your Windows PC, you will not spend any money as the tool is delivered free of any charges. Being free does not mean that it falls short of giving handy tools as seen by the fact that it comes with several recording modes.

You are able to capture from the whole screen, a user-defined area on the screen, an open and active window on top of scroll capture capabilities. However, the interface can be challenging especially for first-time users when it comes to getting around the screen recorder. Luckily, there are hotkeys to make the usage process even more convenient and there are integrated cloud services to work with for those of us who like working online.


Camtasia Studio for Windows

Camtasia Studio screen recorder is one of the best screen recorders you can get and has been made as comprehensive as possible. It is an all-in-one tool that will make sure you handle all your screencasting tasks without leaving the app.

This takes into account the extra editing that may be required at the end. It features editing features besides letting you capture screen video in the best quality feasible. On top of that, you can always implement the preview feature when you need to confirm that the screen capture process is happening as expected. You will be able to record gameplay video, capture screen video and ultimately end u with a very professional output.


OBS Studio

OBS Studio is not only free but also doubles as the best screen recording software for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 PC. It is capable of video recording and live streaming with neither intrusive watermarks nor any limitations in terms of recording durations. It is most ideal for those who like streaming games that they play.

It is a dynamic desktop recorder as it is able to screencast the full screen, an active window on top of being able to record the webcam and microphone. This open source screen capture tool comes with great control options especially when live streaming so that you are able to decide what you need to share. The only downer for this good screen recording software is that it does not feature a built-in editor.


Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam has amassed popularity as one of the best and most powerful game recording software when you need to record gameplay video or better yet when streaming games. Amazingly, it is capable of recording both 2D and 3D games at resolutions of up to 4K and frame rates of up to 144 FPS.

On top of that, it lets you capture the whole screen, a custom area on the screen, and also from external devices like webcams and gaming consoles. We have come across screencasting software that comes with editing features but unfortunately, this is not the case for Bandicam. Also, unless you get the paid version, be ready to live with ten-minute video recording limitation and watermarks.


Debut Video Capture

Time limits and watermarks are a thing of the past when you get started with Debut Video Capture. It may be an old tool but be sure that it does not fall short as it has proven to be very powerful. Besides capturing the screen, it is also very capable of capturing footage from external devices like cameras that may be connected to your Windows PC.

It is also very free to use and has full support for scheduling screen captures. It may not have video editing tools but you will enjoy filters, captions and custom watermarks as you wish. In regards to supported formats that you can export video to, you can choose among the popular MP$, AVI, and MOV among others.


Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is brought to you by Icecream Apps who strive to give you the best screencasting experience with some handy video editing features. You can obtain this tool as either a paid or free tool with the determinant being the features you are looking to employ in screen recording tasks. The free version will definitely come with limitations and the most outstanding one being that you cannot capture screen video for more than five minutes.

In addition, the free variant can only output to WebM format only. These limitations can e overcome once you upgrade to the paid version. You will also be free from watermarks and be opened up to scheduling screen captures, custom watermarks for personalization and video trimming.


Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft free online screen recorder is one of the best screen recorders which also tops as an impressive web-based screencasting tool that enables you to capture the screen, carry out the live stream, record audio from both the microphone and Windows system as you prefer, and also implement PiP feature with the webcam.

To make the screen recording process even more convenient, you can implement customized hotkeys that will save you time and effort in carrying out tasks. FLV, WMV, GIF, VOB, and MP4 are some of the formats you can save your screen captures in. On top of that, it supports direct uploading of your produced videos to platforms like Vimeo, Dropbox, YouTube and Google Drive in a very simple and easy way.

The above software is indeed the best screen recording software for Windows that you can get started with on your PC. It is now time to pick one and make that screen recording you have always been looking forward to make. The selection process has been simplified.