7 Great Skype Call Recorder to Record Skype Conference Calls


Skype is no doubt the most famous program in the world which provides free video calling, instant messages and audio calls through an internet connection. The tool allows users to video call with friends / families. However people say it’s not complete without a recording feature, that results in a bulk of Skype recorders coming up on the market.

Whether it’s a business call or personal call, you are going to wish or even already wished to record your Skype calls with Talk helper so that you can keep them as reference for future use. But the question is, how are you going to record them? How do you know you have made the right choice of your needs? Well, you need a third party tool and we have put together our ten top recommendations, basing our findings on a combination of quality, reliability and usefulness.

Check them out, let’s go!




The downloadable windows software provides Skype call recording and ability to disable Skype call alert, you can simply deactivate the notifications if at all you are not really interested in using them while recording your Skype calls. Users can quickly and easily record Skype calls and chats and store them in the computer for later use or other purposes.

This program also allows you to export your existing Skype chat history to your email account, so you can easily track them when you login to your email. G-Recorder works in Skype, so when you make a Skype call, it will begin to record automatically all the Skype calls, it also offers other handy features just to keep you content and happy with want you have, including recording Skype conversations to Gmail, and audio conversations to local disk. There are quite plenty of recording options with this application, so if you need to explore them, just install the program and you will be super amazed.

To be frank, this Skype recorder will allow you to access your Skype files at anytime provided you are connected to the internet; anywhere or wherever you may be, and they can even be accessed on mobile phone making life easier for you when you need your Skype recordings. It is designed to track recorded files, both Skype calls and chats and still widely used by many people.

If G-Recorder is all you have for recording your Skype calls, be happy because it can absolutely get your Skype calls recorded perfectly and then save them on both computer and Gmail box to be listened to again in the future.


Vodburner Call Recorder for Skype


Vodburner is one of the apps on this list that I am quite familiar with, and I have to say, it’s actually a simple tool. It records all streams of Skype calls e.g. video and audio calls. It is free, and user friendly on windows. It also has capture options that ensure the ability to take captures of your Skype calls while recording Skype conversations.

I managed to get a couple of them when i used this tool to record my Skype calls and they came out really well, i was also pleased by the way it recorded in high quality sound, all the calls were loud enough.

In addition, the tool is pretty much awesome when it comes to choosing who to show while recording Skype calls for example users can select; This Side, Other Side / Side by Side. The edit feature also allows users to add tags which help people in retrieving their Skype chats quickly when they need them. Like other Skype recorders, Vodburner also records Skype conversations automatically. With that being said, this app is very efficient, reliable and it’s available for downloading.

The unfortunate thing about this app is that it will watermark your Skype video conversations if you ever call a person who does not have Vodburner software on their computer. However, there’s a solution to that, if you want to avoid that, you can upgrade to the paid version and the problem will not disturb any more when you record your Skype calls.


TalkHelper call recorder for Skype


This one is widely praised and of course, one of the best known options of recording on windows, the program offers both a user friendly interface and fantastic features. It includes capturing of frame of every video Skype call you make to help you have more files. Whether wanted or otherwise, it will record your Skype conversations automatically.

Thanks to its automatic default settings that let you record literally every Skype call without being put on pressure. This app is good enough to also record your voice mails and Skype chat messages. It is really lightweight, which gives users confidence to download, record their Skype conversations and view them anytime, anywhere. If you are looking for an app that can record your business calls, check out this particular one. Available and free to download at anytime, also will give you total satisfaction when it comes to recording Skype calls in high quality sound.

Additionally, the tool has two versions; it has freeware and the professional version. To get unlimited Skype call recording, you might need to get the professional version, though the features will still be the same, the only difference will be;  with the free version you will record for just days, whereas, with the professional version, you will record for a lifetime.

I guess that’s what everyone would want, just my opinion. But i also think it makes sense to get a recorder that you will rely on for all days of your life, what do you think?


iFree Skype recorder


This one is the app that seems to be one of the most overall when it comes to recording Skype calls, and I will tell you why, it is completely free and only available for windows. The tool allows you to record Skype conversations and saves audio calls in MP3 format. iFree is very simple and good at recording in high quality.

You will believe it when you use it to record your Skype calls as everything you record will come out excellent. This tool is nearly unbelievable because of what it’s capable of, for example it allows users to record unlimited Skype calls. When you try it, you will be able to record all the Skype calls you want from morning to evening and nothing would change in the way it records. It was designed for people who love to record for free and for those who love a user friendly tool that does not stress in anyway and record calls automatically.

It will always be pretty damn good software since users do not spend any coin on it and it’s great for tracking history. You will never be lost or even confused when searching for your history. It will display literally everything as it was recorded in your Skype.

Also personally, I loved the way this software could respond back to my chats every time I was away from my computer, it really did put a big smile on face whenever i found my chats being responded to.  In other words, iFree is completely reliable and very accessible.


Pamela for Skype


Pamela is one of the best apps there is. Many users consider it as the best, compatible with windows, and runs smoothly in Skype. The tool has some great features that make it completely reliable and outstanding. It supports both video and audio Skype call recording making it more usable. It is dedicated to recording your Skype conversations in high quality. I couldn’t have written any better! It is perfect complement to Skype, simple interface and easy to use.

Pamela has four versions, Basic – Call Recorder – Professional and Business. They all offer video and audio Skype calls but the features differ with some of these versions.

Pamela Basic is freeware, it allows you to record, and literally it’s offered to you so that you can see how the app works, though it is much limited as you can only record with it for just 15 minutes and that will be it for you. Call Recorder also allows you to record for free but still if you want to get the best out of Pamela, we recommend either professional or Business because they have excellent features but mainly Business.

It is perfect for recording Skype calls because it even alerts you when recording your Skype calls, and even when you stop, you will know that it has stopped recording and the recordings will be stored on your computer for later use. The only bad thing i can see about Pamela for Skype recorder other than the price is that you only record for 15 minutes with free trial version.

Athtek Recorder for Skype

This one is as good as recording gets and is compatible with windows. If we were ranking it alone, it would definitely be right at the top of the list. The app allows you to record video and audio Skype calls automatically. What makes this app special is its ability to be hidden while recording Skype calls. There isn’t a moment you will miss while recording with this tool because you will manage to do other stuff on your computer as you record.

This also allows you to play games; you even get to share them with your friends. The high quality recording experience is one of the best since we are even confident enough to recommend it to you and our friends out there. The tool allows its users to  literally have a smooth ride with it – they can simply install it and then just click “Allow access” button, make a Skype call and it will start recording.

In addition, I was shocked by how much immediately I liked this app when I learnt that it can actually upload your Skype recordings to a server automatically if you have an account with FTP connections.

And if you need proof about that, just create an account and you will believe what we’re telling you here, you will record your Skype calls and it will automatically send them off, otherwise, the tool also saves audio Skype calls in MP3, OGG or WMA format etc. we believe it is worth for anyone looking for a Skype recorder that supports both video and audio Skype calls. Don’t know about you but we are here for it.


Amolto call recorder for Skype


Amolto does extremely a good job of recording Skype calls on windows, and you may find it a cool addition for your Skype if you are looking for simple software to record your calls. To us we just love the way it records calls effortlessly, which is why we recommend it to you. Expect your Skype calls to be automatically recorded immediately you begin a Skype call. This tool has specific functions that would obviously catch your attention for example, users can screen share while recording calls, and then there’s capability to activate 32 bit rate etc

The app is also boundless when it comes to recording Skype calls, and it is as well very simple, it’s well designed and the interface is readable for anyone who accesses it to record their Skype conversations. Oh, before this skips our minds, let’s first talk about how the app also supports Skype group calls – which is of course favourable when it comes to conferences as well as lessons, it will not disappoint! They will all be recorded in high quality sound and get stored in your computer.

User’s bigger issue with this tool is that, they cannot record Skype video calls with the free version of Amolto. You can only access both calls when you use the paid version, so this kind of limits some people who cannot afford the upgrade and they will have no choice but to record only audio calls in the case. However, if you are interested in getting the paid version, it is free to upgrade from the official website of Amolto to your computer and the process of purchasing for it is also easy, as you will be able to see the information when you attempt to get it.


Mp3 Skype recorder


This is one of the best Skype audio recorder apps on our list, so you will record all your Skype calls in high quality minus losing any data. It is pretty much the standard software that will not complicate your life while recording Skype conversations. It will record automatically as soon as you make a call; those who rely on an app to do their thinking for them will love this MP3 free Skype call recorder. It is very effective although it does not support video Skype call. what matters most, however, its quality when it comes recording Skype conversations – and how well it does what it does.

Besides that, the tool is completely free, so once you download; you will have all your Skype conversations recorded at a free cost. We tend to be lazy sometimes, so we particularly like the way this tool can track different calls simultaneously and of course save them separately in local disk, saving us the hassle of searching.

Okay, so MP3 is reliable and full featured. More importantly, it’s compatible with almost all windows versions and will record your Skype calls exactly the way you want it to. When you record your Skype calls for example, you can pause/resume and the results will be just about perfect as before, thanks to its intuitive interface.

Bear in mind that this tool has automatic and manual capabilities – so when setting it up, you have the choice to select what is suitable for you but you also make sure one is disabled because they can never work both, so it’s either automatic or manual recording.


Callnote video call recorder


Callnote is another feature packed app used to record Skype calls. The program records both video and audio Skype conversations with high quality. While it records your Skype conversations, it also makes sure to organise your files for example, Skype chats as well as video and audio calls – this helps you search for your history quickly in the future.

What many don’t know about this app, is that it allows users to upload their Skype recordings on Viber, CallNote/ YouTube etc and this works best for the youth, in most cases they are the ones who love to share recordings with their friends simply because it makes them feel happy. And yeah, it’s an incredible tool for someone who would love to share their recordings with friends and families on social media.

Furthermore, this recording tool is very important in your life because it can take instant Skype call snapshots during your recording – it is a great feature because you get a chance to save some good moments from your Skype video call recording.

In addition, you can too edit your Skype call notes by adding memos, tittles and much more that would make your recordings simple but very beautiful to watch in the future, better still you can trim out the parts you do not find very fine or those that you strongly believe would cause chaos when your friends got a chance to listen or watch them because they are private and not worth being taken for granted.

Let’s look at it his way, imagine, in one of the call notes you were discussing about your close friend, and you do not want them to ever know it – that’s when you get the opportunity to utilise this feature.

Users like the fact that they can check out the ongoing video call recording and they say that it helps them to decide on whether they should keep the video or just delete it. All depends on how you view it. Also, the interface of this app is clear and easy to use – it even makes it more fun to work with. This is probably the tool you would need to record your Skype conversations, fun functions, no complicated controls and free to download.


Evaer Skype Video Recorder


Evaer is quite possibly one of the best recording applications on this list. It is sleek and very easy to use. It gives surprisingly good results and this has led to its popularity in a way. The app features adjustable recording video codec, including screen sharing. You can share your screen with anyone during your recording sessions and everything will come out as it looks on the screen.

If quality sold, truth be told, this software would be rich and successful. it ensures good high quality sound, there’s nothing you can record and turns out to be poor quality. Every Skype call you make will be perfectly recorded. Believe it or not, the program also allows you to record voice mails as well as Skype video chats and saves them directly in your computer for a quick payback in the future; it’s no surprise that it can support different recording modes like Picture in Picture, Side by Side, Separate files, remote webcam only and local webcam only mode.

With Evaer, you will be able to record Skype calls automatically and even share music during your recording period – I bet everyone likes this feature about Evaer because you are not going to bore yourself at all. And as it records, you will have saving options for instance, video Skype calls will be stored in AVI/MP4 file format and audio Skype calls In MP3 format.

If you have ever wondered how the automatic machine for Skype and auto chat reply work? Look no further than this application. It is a true definition of full featured software.



Now is the time to start recording your Skype conversations if you hadn’t started. There are quit many Skype recorder options out there, and we have done some hunting to prove it, we recommend these because we chose them with use, reliability and overall awesomeness in mind. The above ten best Skype recorder options will fit all your needs from business calls to personal calls


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